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HBO Def Comedy Jam set #2- "Sex with a strong woman" bit

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Apr. 6, 2020

Coronavirus is NO JOKE- Stay Home and Shut up!

With the pandemic getting ready to reach it's apex, the country is on almost total lockdown (except for the idiots who don't believe in science). Instead of counting the days until you go back to work. Try laughter.It really is medicine for stress and anxiety. Listen to the Live in Iraq CD. it may not cure COVID19 but at least you won't be stressed about it. We will get through this by pulling together. .."A crisis exposes weak leaders" as we say in the military.

Apr. 2, 2020

"Mystro re-releases comedy CD: "Live in Iraq Jokes, Rockets and Bullets"!

Mystro's second comedy CD; "Live From Iraq; Jokes Rockets and Bullets" Recorded LIVE while he was deployed in Iraq. Not some USO visitor, comedy show shit, he's a real Soldier on deployment there. He gives the real military perspective on love, war, sex, and life, 100% uncensored raw comedy.
*Sorry the sound isn't perfect but hey....we were in a fucking barracks. You want the real or not? This is it. The only way to get more real is to join the Army and deploy for yourself. Disclaimer: You may get blown up. MC100%

BUY AT: cdbaby

Sep. 1, 2019

Only 15 weeks til Xmas -Happy Holidays/Festivus for the rest of us..

The Most Popular Christmas Toy from the Year You Were Born:

1964: G.I. Joe
Fun Fact: Action figures already existed in 1964, but the G.I. Joe was a big deal because it had "twenty-one moveable parts".

1965: Operation
Fun Fact: The "patient" in Operation is nicknamed "Cavity Sam".
1966: Twister

Fun Fact: Twister was originally named Pretzel and was criticized in the '60s for being "sex in a box" by competitors.

1967: Battleship
Fun Fact: Battleship had existed as a pencil and paper game since the '30s when Milton Bradley released it as a board game in 1967.

1968: Hot Wheels
Fun Fact: There were 16 cars in the original Hot Wheels lineup, and they were all based on an actual customized vehicle.
Today there are more Hot Wheels models than real cars in the world.

1969: Chemistry Set
Fun Fact: The popularity of chemistry sets is significant because it marks the first time American toys were marketed with the goal of "improving" children for success later in life.

1970: Lite-Brite
Fun Fact: You don't have to worry about losing all the pegs these days — there's now a Lite-Brite iPad app.

1971: Space Hoppers
Fun Fact: "Space Hoppers" was a popular term in the UK, while in the US they were more commonly referred to as "hippity hops" or "hop balls"

1972: Uno
Fun Fact: A barbershop owner thought up Uno and originally sold the game out of his shop.

1973: Walkie Talkie Sets
Fun Fact: The first walkie-talkies were developed during World War II.

Full List:

Nov. 2, 2018


To the 1% of the nation that protects the other 99%. WE'VE been at war for 16 years now. If you forgot it's because you aren't being affected. Some people can't forget. You're welcome..
So at least buy a comedy CD to show your respect.
You deserve it, and it costs less than your Freedom. ;-)

Watch this:
*The Harlem Hellfighters were an African-American infantry unit in WWI who spent more time in combat than any other American unit. Despite their courage, sacrifice and dedication to their country, they returned home to face racism and segregation from their fellow countrymen.


Nov. 30, 2017

Dayton icon Jerry Gillotti, Gilly’s nightclub owner, dies

RIP Mr Gillotti. You were the first club owner to hire me as an opening act while I was still in college. Thank you for helping me believe in my talent. God bless. Mystro.

Performers booked at Gilly’s through the years include a host of local groups and a laundry list of national acts that include Tony Bennett, Diane Schuur, BB King, Wynton Marsalis, Art Blakey, Dexter Gordon, Bill Evans, George Benson, Herbie Hancock, Count Basie, Bobby Blue Bland and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Jerry Gillotti “was one of a kind, really focused on supporting musicians, treating his customers fairly, and providing a quality level of jazz and blues beyond anything we could ever expect,”. “So many musicians owe so much to him.”

In his nomination of Jerry Gillotti to the Dayton Walk of Fame, Leppla said Gillotti became one of the greatest jazz and blues promoters in the United States. After a successful run on North Main Street, Jerry moved Gilly’s to the Dayton Transportation Center. In addition, Jerry hosted a Sunday morning jazz show for several years on WING-AM radio.

Heartfelt tributes to Mr. Gillotti have been posted on Facebook as well.

Welcome to the home of Uncle Mystro

Mystro Clark has been in the comedy game since 1989. He started in Dayton, Ohio and moved to Los Angeles after earning a Bachelor's degree in Clinical Lab Science and doing a stint in the Army. Mystro quickly got noticed at comedy clubs around the country for his powerful stage presence and clever routines which earned him three HBO appearances, his own BET One Hour Special and the nickname “Mr. 100%”. Mystro has two comedy CDs: “Sexy, Funny, Bastard,” and “Live in Iraq: Jokes, Rockets and Bullets.”

Mytro's comedy success led to numerous television shows and movies starting with his first weekly series, a sketch comedy show called The NEWZ, followed by his first starring role in a Fox sitcom, THE SHOW, where he played brash talk show host 'Wilson Lee".  That led to numerous development deals with Fox, Warner Brothers, and Disney studios. Mystro has had featured roles in over 30 TV shows and films such as Shrink with Robin Williams and Kevin Spacy. He has also written numerous projects. Mystro has an MFA in Screenwriting.

Next Mystro broke into hosting and was chosen as the weekly host of SOUL TRAIN when Don Cornelius retired. He hosted for 3 seasons before moving on to host the long running weekly travel series AWESOME ADVENTURES, which he did for 10 seasons, travelling all over the world.

Mystro is also a spokesman, doing TV commercials for Animal Planet Network and Taco Bell. He is also a talented voiceover actor doing national PSA's and video games such as 'Men in Black'.

Mystro has produced music and comedy CD's. His "Sexy, Funny, Bastard" is a comedy favorite by fans on satellite radio. His latest release "Live In Iraq - Jokes, Rockets, and Bullets" was recorded in an Army barracks while Mystro was deployed to Iraq as an Army officer. It's realism and raw honesty are what Mystro Clark fans expect from The 100%.

Mystro has built a career by staying true to his 100% mentality. It was not surprise when he took a hiatus from entertainment to deploy to Iraq with his Army unit. During his year in the warzone he was inspired to do an impromptu barracks comedy show for his fellow Soldiers and Marines. That show turned into his latest comedy CD.

When asked why he left Hollywood to go to war, Mystro, now a 20 year Army veteran, replied;

"... I'm a real Soldier, I needed to refill my cup with some real-life sh-t, being in combat is a life and death experience, it makes you focus on what's important. Hollywood is a perception. I don't just talk about being “The 100%” I live it. That’s who I am.”





RIP Mr Gillotti, owner of Gillys in Dayton OH.
Thank you for helping me develop my talent.

You gotta get news somewhere besides Facebook..

Aug. 16, 2019

Stay strong Dayton - Another Mass Shooting, Again...keep the thoughts and prayers... do you job govt!

With more mass shootings than any civilized nation on earth, Our response is still "it's too soon to discuss gun laws". Thoughts and prayers are not actions...Just change the date.

Advice from a combat Vet:
"Just because you have a gun doesn't make you a gun fighter." MC100

300x More people have died from gun violence in America than terrorist acts. (facts don't lie)

It's Radio on the Internet: The Rollout Show w Speedy and Friends Thursdays 12-3pm

Catch me on The Rollout Show live w Speedy Thursdays 12-3pm. Listen and watch, its the future...

Photo moment - Me and my old roommate Chris at his golf tournament.

Actor Resume


Kaya - L.A. - MTV

Lovespring International - Alex - Lifetime

Studio 60 - Willy Wilz - NBC

World Cup Comedy - Self (Improvisation) - PAX

The Shield - Warner - FX

One on One - Red Galloway - UPN

That’s Life - Officer Johnson - CBS

The Grown Ups - Neal - UPN

Pacific Blue - Self - USA

Cousin Skeeter (writer) - Coach - NICK

Keenen and Kel - Cousin E - NICK

Getting Personal - Graham - FOX

Rewind - Harv - FOX

Gregory Hines Show - Doug - CBS

The SHOW - Wilson Lee - FOX

Parenthood - Director Troy - WB

The NEWZ - Various (sketch) - FOX/synd.


Soul Train (97-2000) - Self - WGN/ Tribune

Awesome Adventures (01-2011) - Self - FOX/ SRP/ synd.

Golden Globe Awards (Red Carpet) - Self - E!

Emmy Awards Red Carpet - Self - E!

Pulled Over - Self - Style

Slam Ball - Self - Spike


Shrink - Dr. Morton - Jonas Pate / Ind

Out at the Wedding - Alex - Goff-Kellam Prod/Ind

Storm Catcher - “Sparks” Johnson - Tony Hickox/ Phoenician

Chairman of the Board - Ty - Alex Zamm/Trimark

White Men Can’t Jump - Supporting - 20th Cent FOX


The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (by Guirgis) - Pontius Pilate - Pismo, CA

COMEDY: (Stand up)

Comics Unleashed - Self - CBS/ Synd

HBO Def Comedy Jam (3x) - Self - HBO

BET Comic View (3x) 1 Hr Special - Self - BET

Evening at the Improv - Self - A&E

Comedy Loco - Self - Telemundo

Aspen Comedy Festival - Self - HBO


Taco Bell - Manager - National TV

Two Guys Prenatal PSA- Basketball player 1- National Radio

Men In Black - Agent K (voice) - Video Game



Advanced Acting / Screenwriting – Cosumnes River College, CA

Acting / Scene Study - Theater of Arts, Hollywood, CA

Voice Acting - Kalmenson and Kalmenson, Burbank, CA

Improvisation - LA Connection Theater, Studio City, CA

Character Study - The Approach (Tom Ardavany) Beverly Hills

Screenwritng - MFA, FSU


Military weapons, medical equipment, martial arts, comedy, voices, sketch, hosting, characters, improvisation.

VIDEOS: Acting Reel- Mystro Demo

ROLLOUT SHOW w Speedy 07/19 (start at 41min)

Mystro enters at 41:00 min

Mystro Stand up - Gas prices

Stand up- IMPROV, Los Angeles

Latino Comedy Jam set (clean)

Latino Comedy Jam

Mystro SoulTrain Outro w credits

Starting the 27th season premiere until the 12th episode of the 29th season I was the permanent host. I was BEFORE Shemar.

The Newz - Perez and Tyson Sketch

Mystro Clark, Deborah Magdalena.
(Low audio sorry)

Mystro movie trailer - The Powerhouse Misson

Sometimes a shortcut is the longest way home...

"Bushwhacked"- A Farewell video by MC100 (song)


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