The Trump Off - Music Video

Opinions of a persons job performance based on real news. 210120
Written by M. Clark, Music by M. Clark, Edit by N. Caldwell.
MC100 ENT.

Comedy- Gas Prices

Improv in LA.

Mystro Comedy - I love Mexicans

Loco Comedy Jam, LA

The Newz Sketch - Perez and Tyson

Mystro Clark and Deborah Magdalena, my fam.
(Low audio)

Acting Reel

The Train Line - Mystro

A break from hosting to get busy...Mystro

The Roll Out Show w Speedy and Friends (Mystro start at 41 min)

Long but funny as hell. Video on the radio..

Bushwhacked -- music video

Bush farewell song by MC100

Soul Train Outro - Mystro

Throwback ST LIne- The vest means business

Mystro dances too...90s

THE CALLBACK podcast interview, Mystro pt1 and 2: Long but good