Aug. 9, 2020

Dear Corona...

Dear Corona,

Now that you are here and have made yourself comfortable with our American refusal to listen to science, logic, and common sense, or to trust medical professionals who have kept us alive since 1765 when the first US medical school opened. I'd like to ask simply,
“are you done yet?” Please forgive these idiots who flunked 9th grade Biology but somehow think they are a now a Virologist and Immunologist with an honorary PhD in Google. The same people think Facebook posts somehow count as scientific research. It's like cheating off of the dumb kid in class, you both fail together. We are in the age of hiring amateurs to do expert’s jobs. No experience necessary, if you say you can do it, or even think you can, that’s good enough. What happened to people getting fired for lying on their resume? That was a good idea. Repercussions are a harsh teacher.

Please excuse our inability to tell facts from opinions now. It's a dangerous side effect from "OF" - Over-Facebooking. People who think they have the right to do whatever they want in a civilized society are called selfish. Sometimes you have to do things for the greater good of the group, not the selfish few, it’s called teamwork and sacrifice. Military veterans, like myself, know those traits well. Somehow, we as a nation have lost those traits in the past 20 years. People think tax cuts and carrying guns are their most important human rights now. Try reading the WHOLE constitution not just the 1st and 2nd Amendments. It may be enlightening to those super patriots that think kneeling in protest (a peaceful protest) is somehow harming the flag (a symbol of the US union). If that is the case, then displaying a Rebel Flag (from an opposing army) is also disrespecting the US flag. Carrying assault weapons in a US state house is an assault on the union. The name tells you what the weapon is meant for. Assaulting means MILITARY USE, not average Joe's trying to look tough. An assault in a civilian setting is a crime, in a military setting it’s a combat technique. There is a reason we don't sell grenades to the public; It’s dangerous to public safety! The government makes us wear seatbelts, motorcycle helmets, and have car insurance, so they can make you wear a mask. It’s a safety issue not a personal statement. If it was Corona’s evil cousin, Ebola on the loose, I’m sure these same people wouldn’t be outraged at wearing a mask. Fear enhances compliance in people.

In summary, Corona, we will call it even if you would please take your 160 thousand death count and get the f*ck out, go back to your cave. Not just so we can go back to business as usual, but so we can start a new way of usual business. In the new way we care more about; the people than the building, the workers than the CEOs, the planet more than the oil, and actual humans more than money. As fans of history know, we see patterns in past events. Great civilizations have caused their own downfall through greed and war. Then again, what do I know? I read real books not posts on Facebook. It’s a lost art, I guess.           

Mystro Clark

US Army Officer, Comedian, Writer, Actor.