Apr. 15, 2021

Sorry I Killed You? Cowboy cops are a problem.

If you have been doing a job for 26 years and still don't know how to use your tools correctly under pressure, then you suck at your job. I suggest you get a new line of work.  When did police become such cowardly Cowboys?  Mlitary members are are not allowed to randomly shoot people even in a war zone. We could not shoot unless shot at in most cases. Police officers are not gunslingers even though they seem to like that image. If you want to be like Wyatt Earp you are about 150 years too late. He at least knew he was a public servant which is what police officers are. All the jungle camouflage and tactical gear in an urban or suburban setting makes you feel tough, but it's unnecessary. You work for the public so ACT LIKE IT. Be approachable. You are not at war in a foreign country. You are hired/sworn to protect and serve the citizens in America regardless of neighborhood or skin color, Period. If you have never been in a minority neighborhood until you get assigned there for work, then you need training on how to speak to people of color FIRST. Wyat Earp only had two weapons, his mouth and his gun, no pepper srpay, baton, krav maga, tear gas, taser etc. If you are so afraid around Black and Brown people that you can't function properly, then law enforcement is NOT THE JOB FOR YOU. It's okay. Just pick something else. Taco Bell is hiring.

You are not the badass town marshall you imagine. You're still that (probably) overweight kid in the mirror that was bullied in elementary school, overlooked in high school, and an overly aggressive adult in the school of life now. Embrace your reality and see a therapist. You are still afraid and angry. That's why you shoot people in the back for running away, or keep your knee on someone's neck for not doing what you want, or pepper spray an army officer in his car. It's a power trip not the law. It's your inner coward seeking payback and feeling artificially brave behind a badge and gun. Ask yourself this: "what would I do if I did not have a gun?", then act accordingly. Some countries don't issue guns to their officers. They still have less crime than the US. It's a mentality. If you want to fight wars join the military, if you  want to fight people take up MMA, if you want to be a cop then learn how to talk to people with respect and dignity before learning how to shoot. The gun is the tool of last resort. You're not allowed to shoot someone just because you can't run fast enough to catch them. Maybe you should get in better shape, or better yet resign, retire, or just quit. Public service is not for everybody. There are other jobs that don't require you to run fast or be afraid. Find one. Remember, Taco Bell is hiring. It's a stable career move.

Mystro Clark

US Army 

-------- CNN Video